On February 17, fireworks lit the skies over New York City in honor of the Chinese New Year.

Inside Madison Square Garden contestants were in frenzy for the finale of the 139th Westminster dog show. Backstage …

Fur flew.

Westm 15 brushout

Hair dryers blew

Westm 15 blow dry

Ears had to look neat.

Westm 15 ear wrap

As did all four feet.

Westm 15 pedicure

Then it was time.


After all of the groups had selected a winner, it came down to the final seven. Who would be the best in show? Westm 15 Final 7

Half of the arena roared Matisse, the Portuguese water dog, Matisse – the “winning-est” dog in the country. The other half roared back for Swagger, the Old English sheepdog and a big time champ.


Westm 15 Matisse 1


Westm Swagger

While the Chinese year of the goat was being celebrated outside, inside, at the Westminster, it was the year of the beagle.

The winner turned out to be.   Miss P!

Westm 15 Miss P winner



And I can close them.

And our Miss P. (a.k.a. Penelope) approves.


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