Happy New Year!

This is the time that many are reaching for ice packs, bottles of aspirin, and considering the hair of the dog.

But have you ever really thought about a dog’s hair? Or its fur?

Actually, most dogs have fur. That’s the stuff that sheds, and when not on your dog can be found in corners and behind the refrigerator. Some dogs have hair and shed very little. Their hair grows and, about every 6 or 8 weeks, has to be clipped. Dogs like poodles and Portuguese water dogs fall in this category. Often they are coiffed into fancy doos – like this lion cut.

Moose 5 bowing

On other dogs, coiffing isn’t so easy. Like with the Komondor – a large mop-coated sheepdog that was brought to Hungary by Cumans, Turkic-speaking nomads, during the 12th and 13th centuries.


However, on this morning after, most likely the problem isn’t a dog bite, but a biting headache. Many believe that to lessen the effects of a hangover, one should consume a little more of what did them in — in other words, the hair of the dog. Though more alcohol may provide temporary relief, it can lead to another hangover. And that could require more hair of the dog. And so on. And so on.

So if this day finds you feeling a bit ruff, how about this remedy? Low lights, a cozy chair and cuddling with you dog — regardless if he has hair or fur.




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