Dogs have appeared in artwork for thousands of years.

dog painting 1


They have been portrayed in cave wall paintings, and on Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Chinese paintings, tiles, and pottery.Pompeii Dog


As the bond between dogs and humans grew, so did their appearance in art. In the early Middle Ages, dogs were often seen in paintings of hunting expeditions. By the time of the Renaissance, they began to be viewed more as domestic companions and often appeared in paintings on the laps of ladies.  Hence: lap dogs. And, of course, they continue to appear on walls of museums and homes today.Dog painting 3


There have also been owners that have given their dogs brushes and paints to create their own Dog-as and Paw-cassos. But that’s a different story.

Recently, I came across a new (to me) art form – a dog collage created by Chrissy Mcintyre.

Chrissy works in collage and uses little squares taken from magazines to create portraits. As she was “fooling” around with the technique, she received a lot of positive feedback. This led to her doing a portrait of her own dog, which she put into a show and sold!

Here is an example of her work : Olive1

The original Miss Olive, a chocolate lab.

Olive 2

And Miss Olive in collage.


So if you ever need a gift idea for the man or woman who has everything, a creation of his or her best friend would be picture perfect.


To find out more about Chrissy’s collages and showings, see





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