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Several years ago, Penelope was certified to be a therapy dog. Each week we visited either a nursing home or a rehab center. One time a resident said she would rather see a cat. Penelope was insulted. Another time an Elvis impersonator was on the premises. He took one look at Penelope and sang You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog. Penelope left the building.

 For the most part, the residents love visitors. And they really like it when the visitors are dogs.

Penelope’s visits have been highly successful. Perhaps, the most successful visit of all – from Penelope’s point of view, was Pie Day.

In places such as this, there are usually a lot of carts everywhere. Some have medicines. Some, linens, But on this day, the carts were loaded with pies.


Naomi apple pieThere were apple pies.

Naomi pecan pie

Pecan pies.

Naomi pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pies.

All different kinds of pies.

 Penelope was so excited. All during her visit her tail never stopped wagging.

Penelope loves people. She loves food. And, as she discovered, she really loves pie. While the staff cut slices of pie for everyone, crumbs fell on to the floor. Penelope went into automatic vacuum mode inhaling them from under tables and chairs. Her tail wagged even harder.

One of the residents dropped more crumbs on to the floor. Penelope lapped them and stared at her, as if she were asking for more.

The lady hugged Penelope and smiled. “You really should come and visit me again next week.  I hear it’s going to be Cookie Day.”

Naomi cookies cropped




A special thank you to Naomi Gruer for the pies and cookies. Visit her blog: https://bmoreenergy.wordpress.com/ for slices of life and, often, recipes for the most delectable edibles.





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