There’s a song that goes:   “It’s ruff- ruff being a dog eating dinner out of a can. Won’t you take me to a restaurant to have steak just like a man?”

On a recent Sunday, The Gladstone Tavern in Gladstone, New Jersey solved that problem. On that day dog owners were invited to bring man and woman’s best friend to lunch or dinner. All of the proceeds went to help the animals at St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter in Madison, New Jersey.

The Gladstone Tavern is a restored 1847 colonial farmhouse and now, a landmark restaurant in Gladstone, New Jersey. It is nestled in the beautiful hills of northern Somerset County. Rural in nature, the borough of Gladstone is home to serious riders. The Essex Hunt Club and Fox Hounds are within the borough and the U.S. Equestrian Stables are nearby.  Yet it is within easy access of New York City.

On this special day, The Gladstone Tavern opened its doors — or make that its flag stoned terrace — to dogs of all sizes and their owners for lunch or dinner. Dogs pulled at leashes from the parking lot, across a lawn, and up to the hostess who awaited them at the terrace entrance.

.Tavern dog 1

Some were carried to their bistro tables

Tavern dog 3Some came in full steam ahead.

Tavern dog 4Some waited patiently under the table for crumbs to fall.

Beagle help yourselfSome were big enough to help themselves.


While the humans dined on their choices from the menu, the dogs were able to get a bowl of special doggie steak stew.

P Gladstone Tavern  Penelope gave hers the highest ranking — non-stop tail wags.

The human food was delicious.  The dogs inhaled their bowls of stew.  If they could talk they’d probably say. “It’s isn’t so ruff ruff being a dog when your humans take you to The Gladstone Tavern!”



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