Penelope is a couch potato.  She can be found on my bed, in her crate, on the recliner, and on the sofa next to the computer, twitching and yipping — happy in her doggie dreams.

“Come on,” I called one day, as I found her sprawled out in front of the
TV. The lazy, hazy, days of summer are here and it’s time you celebrated them somewhere else than on the couch.”

I enrolled her in what I call K-9 Kamp. This meant that she would spend four weeks trying out all kinds of classes that dogs everywhere are snapping up.

The first day arrived.  Agility Day.

Penelope barks at flower pots and stink bugs. How would she react to agility equipment?

“Let’s go, Penelope,” I called.

Penelope jumped up and down, then raced for the car. Of course, riding in the car is always exciting. Plus, seeing me taking along a baggie of cheese …  Life was good.

We arrived and entered a huge room. There were jumps, a tunnel — lots of stuff.


What is this stuff?

What is this stuff?

Carol, our super nice instructor welcomed each dog and allowed them to sniff at each piece of equipment. Then it
 was time to walk the plank. 



Penelope watched Monroe give it a try. When her turn came, she tried to squiggle under it.  A treat had rolled under the plank. As soon as she took care of that piece of business, she jumped on to the wobbly plank. She sat down, lay down, pranced to the end, and hopped off.  Perfect landing!

I can do that.

I can do that.

Next was a swinging tube to jump through.

I had my doubts. But Penelope nailed it. 

Last was a chute.  Uh, oh, I thought. Penelope doesn’t like things touching her ears, let alone her entire body.

"Piece of dog cookie."

“Piece of dog cookie.”

But Penelope thought it was time to show off.

She schussed through the chute. Not once. Not twice.  

But three times in a row.

Penelope’s tail wagged the whole hour as she learned to ran, walk, and jump through the agility set up.

And I learned something too. That Penelope will tackle things I wouldn’t have imagined — especially if string cheese is involved.

Our next camp day will be Rally Day.  I’m not sure what that is. But I’m off to the store to buy more cheese.


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