After a long, very long, harsh winter, warm weather finally arrived in New Jersey. Along with it came The Dog Daze of Summer.Dog daze sign

 The Dog Daze of Summer is a three-month art exhibit on Main Street, in Boonton, New Jersey.


Boonton is a small town that began its development in 1827. Its Main Street is an uphill meander Dog daze 3b(or downhill, depending on which way you’re going) of quaint shops and restaurants. Boonton is also a dog- friendly town and home to three pet groomers, a bakery boutique, a veterinarian, as well as a number of artists and galleries.

During its Dog Daze celebration, life-sized fiber-glass dog figurines that have been decorated by juried artists. They are making their homes along  Main Street, waiting to be admired by all who pass by until September, when they will be adopted by winning bidders at the Top Dog Auction Event. Proceeds go to support the artists, as well as the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter which will use the money towards the medical needs of homeless pets.

Following are some more of the dogs that have been unleashed on Main Street from now until Labor Day weekend.



Whether it's food, drink, or shopping, the hunting is good on Main Street in Boonton.

Whether it’s food, drink, or shopping, the hunting is good on Main Street in Boonton.


You'll find hot dogs.

You’ll find hot dogs.

Boney dogs.

Boney dogs.


Downward dogs.

Downward dogs.

And dogs from the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter that you can take home right now.

For information on Boonton’s Dog Daze and the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, visit and