A lot of pets think that they are human or some other animal. I once owned a rabbit that thought he was a dog and tried to bark. But that’s another story.

Leia seems to think that she’s a cat. Or a monkey. Or a super hero.

Whatever is going on in her spaniel puppy brain, it isn’t the concept of gravity.

Penelope is content to keep all four paws on the floor.

Aubrey, the labrador, respected limitations . Unless a wedge of cheese was directly under his mouth, he never knocked down or stepped over a barrier. Even if it was only twelve inches high.

Leia, on the other, rises to the challenge. Any challenge. She’s too small to counter surf, so she jumps up onto tables and helps herself.

Leia actually loves heights and seeks them out. While watching TV, she sits on the backs of couches and chairs, climbing as high as she can go.

I may be smaller, but now I'm taller.

I may be smaller, but now I’m taller.

She doesn’t go into her crate, she leaps on top of it.

If Snoopy can nap on top of his dog house, so can I.

And when she wants to admire herself, she preens in front of the over-the-sink mirror.

Which one’s hot and which one’s cold?

Leia is proud of her accomplishments. To her, it’s like winning a game of Capture the Flag. She’s a princess and, like royalty, she demands that we look up to her as she surveys her kingdom and all that is in it. So we keep moving our prized possessions higher and higher — hopefully out of her reach. But, so far, Leia has risen to the occasion.


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