Every year, we look forward to Easter. We get out our baskets. Then we search the house and yard, scanning trees and bushes, crawling under furniture, for pastel eggs that the Easter bunny left.  But all of that is in jeopardy this year. Penelope is “canine non grata” in Bunny Land.

It began last year. While patrolling the back yard, Penelope encountered a bunny. It was dark, so she smelled him more than she saw him. He zigzagged across the yard. She zigzagged after him. He zigged toward me. Coward that I am, I ran up on my deck, thinking of how was I going to explain to the staff at the E.R, that I had been bitten by a bunny? Luckily, it didn’t come to this. The bunny found a space beneath the fence and scooted out. Penelope zagged to the fence. But, alas, it was too small for a spaniel.

Last summer, it happened again. Another bunny.  And Penelope caught him!

I chased her around the yard, yelling “Drop it.”  Penelope did drop it. Kind of. I managed to snag her collar and take the bunny out of her mouth.

????????????????????No harm done. The bunny was fine. Probably not too fond of being bathed in dog slobber. But, otherwise, fine. And he didn’t bite either of us. I gently put him down where Penelope couldn’t bother him.

Penelope watched and watched, wishing and waiting for him to return to the yard. But this was no dumb bunny. He left without thanking me and not letting Penelope know what he thought of her.

No bunnies have been seen in our yard since. Apparently Penelope’s reputation has grown in Bunny Land. And not for the better.

In a few days we’ll get out our baskets. And soon we’ll be looking for chocolate bunnies and pastel eggs. But, this year, I don’t hold out much hope for Penelope or the rest of us. Because if I were the Easter bunny, I’d be hopping mad.P Easter basket 3



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