On February 11, we attended the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. After two competitive days, Sky won the coveted title of Best in Show.

Next stop - steak at Sardi's.

Next stop – steak at Sardi’s.

The rest of February also attained a milestone. It went into the record books as one of the snowiest Februaries in the New York area. While the humans shivered and shoveled, their four-legged friends romped around in mountains of white. A few of them would have preferred palm trees. But others were at their best — Best in Snow.

Penelope thinks winter is ruff.

P in snow 1

What do you think I am, a Saint Bernard?

Leia is looking for the groundhog.

Wonder if the groundhog wants to play fetch?

Moose looks forward to March.

Do you think March will come in like a lion?

Do you think March will come in like a lion?

Lucy digs snow.

Lucy in snow 3

Groundhogs? Lions? Did anyone see my tennis ball?

Tess thinks snow is a howl.

If it gets any deeper, you won't see me.

If it gets any deeper, you won’t see me.


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