I'm Princess Leia. But you can call me cute stuff.

I’m Princess Leia. But you can call me cute stuff.

Meet Princess Leia.

She’s a 12-week-old cocker spaniel. Her name comes from Star Wars.  Sunday, Leia’s humans escaped from the blustery East coast and took off for the Caribbean. Leia moved in with me. And for one week, the force was with me  — all through the house.

Monday, after we all slept through the night (Hooray!), Penelope checked things out.

Leia is a 6-pound dynamo that knows no fear. Penelope grew to know fear. Especially at the paws of Princess Leia.

Oh, oh.

Oh, oh.

From the moment that that they introduced, Leia wanted to play. Rough. And went “Ruff. Ruff. Ruff.”  Tiny puppy teeth grabbed everything. Penelope hid.

On Wednesday Leia discovered the bin of discarded dog toys. And Penelope re-discovered them too.

Look at this stuff.

Look at this cool stuff.

What Penelope had, Leia wanted. What Leia had, Penelope wanted. But only for a second.

Trade ya.

Trade ya.

By Friday, Penelope agreed to play with Leia.  In moderation.

Okay small fry, I'll give it a shot.

Okay small fry, let’s play.

Both did downward facing dog and bounced forward and back. Until tiny puppy yips turned into puppy-sized snarls.

Playtime ended with school time. Both Leia and Penelope sat and got down on command —simultaneously – for treats. Strangely enough, they didn’t fight over food. But they did fight over a toy hippo. (Penelope has this thing about hippos.) Even though they had identical hippos, one was the clear favorite.

When I needed to leave the house – or wanted a break from the world of cockers – Leia was put in a safe and separated spot. But by Saturday no barricade or fortress could hold the princess. She could bust through or weasel out of everything. And was proud of it.

Look who got out.

Look who busted out.

Sunday, Leia’s humans came back.  Leia went home and continued perfecting her newly found escape artist skills. And Penelope settled down for a long, deserved nap. But instead of puppy dreams with tiny yips, Penelope now growls loudly in her sleep.


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