door bell

Ding Dong.

 Anyone there?

Hmm. Must have gone away.

 Ding Dong.


 Ding Dong. Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

 Okay. Okay.


 Toby was a brown and white – allotta beagle – kind of dog. He moved into a house where he lived many years with his family. The house had a nice, big yard and bordered on woods. Toby found all kinds of neat things in the woods – squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, birds, you name it. But since Toby had a lot of sporting dog in him, no woods was big enough to satisfy his curiosity. Toby

One day, his owner came up with a clever idea. He attached the end of a 50-foot line to a large tree and the other end to Toby’s collar. Now, Toby could run into the woods, let every squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit and bird know that he was in charge, and take care of business. When he wanted to come back into the house, he scratched at the back door.

This worked out well until one day, Toby finished his “to do” list, and jumped up at the back door to scratch it as usual. But Toby missed and hit the door bell.

Ding Dong.

 Someone in the house answered the door. And Toby came in.

Being the smart dog that he was, Toby remembered. And every day from then on…

Ding Dong.

 Friends and visitors were amazed.

So if anyone asks if Toby rings a bell?

The answer is YES!

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