aubreyIt must have been a hundred degrees that day. Aubrey, Lucy’s always  happy black lab, was snoozing on the deck. Lucy sniffed. Pew. Aubrey needed a bath.

Lucy got out a bucket and filled it with water. She grabbed a towel, sponge and the shampoo. Not the dog kind, but the lemony kind she used.

Holding Aubrey by his collar, she sponged water all over him and worked in the shampoo until he was all sudzed up. Then things got kind of slippery. Lucy couldn’t work up lather and hang on to Aubrey. Aubrey lunged and knocked over the water bucket. Free at last, he tore around the yard with Lucy close behind him. Every time she almost had him, Aubrey bolted away. Aubrey was foamed up, but now the shampoo was starting to dry.

Then Lucy remembered the garden hose. Snatching it, she chased after Aubrey. She sprayed him with cold water until all of the suds were gone. Aubrey was clean. But he didn’t look happy. His tail was not wagging.

It didn’t wag that night. It didn’t wag the next day. Or the day after that.

Lucy gave Aubrey his favorite cookies. He ate them, but his tail did not wag.

She tossed his favorite toy for a game of fetch. He ran after it, but his tail did not wag.

Lucy hugged him and told him he was a good dog. His tail still did not wag.

Lucy’s mom went to the grocery store and bought Frosty Paws — an ice cream treat especially for dogs and one of Aubrey’s all-time favorites. Lucy’s gave him one. The tip of his tail wagged. But just the tip.

The next day, she gave him another cup of Frosty Paws®. A little bit more of his tail wagged. Not the whole tail, just a bit of it.

The day after that, Aubrey wagged a little more of his tail.

After a week of Frosty Paws, Aubrey’s tail returned to a full wag.

The summer went on. It was still hot. Aubrey wasn’t so clean anymore.

But this time Lucy had a different idea.
Labrador tail

“Let’s take Aubrey swimming with us in the lake.”

Aubrey rode to the lake with Lucy and her family, jumped into the water

and fetched stick after stick. Best of all, his tail wagged and wagged.


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