As the commercial says, we all have to go. But where you go can sometimes be an adventure.

Like this restroom in a Kenya filling station. Clean? Yes. But a basic knowledge of gymnastics could be helpful.
Gas station john

What about man’s or woman’s best friend?


Or is it?

Take the case of Ms. Olive. She’s a happy, yappy, chocolate lab who doesn’t give a lot of thought about where she takes care of business. Most of the time it’s in a bucolic park, surrounded by flowers, trees, and chirping birds.

One day, while on her walk, Ms. Olive picked what she thought was the perfect spot. Her owner thought it strange that she chose a place next to a large, flat bicycle tire. Oh, well — if that’s what Ms. Olive chose, let’s get it over with.

Until …

Did that tire move?

olive's snake

Was it a tire?

Oh no. Downwind from Ms. Olive was a water snake. And a big one at that.

Water snakes are not poisonous. But they can and will bite. Who knows what this snake had eaten? But it’s a good bet, it hadn’t brushed its fangs.

Ms. Olive finished her business. And in typical happy, yappy lab fashion continued on her walk, never noticing the snake.

And the snake?

It noticed Ms. Olive and let out an expletive.


Then it slithered away, never to be seen again.



  1. The Kenyan potty rivals the Rome train station bathroom. A man walked out holding a newspaper but I really had to go! Funny story about the snake mistaken for a flat tire.

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