I recently took a vacation of a lifetime – a 12 day safari in Africa.

Penelope took a vacation too. She went to the Morris Animal Inn, in Morristown, New Jersey.

Morris Animal lobby

I saw cats. king of the jungle

The Morris Animal Inn had cats too.

They were pampered guests in their own duplex condos surrounded by a glass wall of fish for their viewing pleasure.

And they could watch movies of birds.  Morris Animal Inn kitty

I enjoyed gourmet meals and afternoon tea.  Penelope enjoyed Busy Bones du jour, prepared in the inn’s kitchen with offerings as corned beef hash, and chicken pot pie.

To help work off some of the good food, I went on nature walks to identify birds and dung walks where we learned to identify animal droppings.

Penelope enjoyed walks too. Especially the latter. And, in case she ate too many Busy Bones, there was a fitness center at the inn. (In fact, many dogs come daily and use this as their gym.)

Between games drives, which can be hot and dusty, I checked out  the pool.

Kilima Camp pool

Penelope did too. And so did her retriever friends.

Morris Animal group swimI stepped off of the plane tired, jet-lagged, but full of wonderful memories.

I picked up Penelope who had been at the inn’s spa and looked like a show dog as she wagged her tail and kissed the staff good-bye.Sept P

I think it’s safe to say, we both had a wonderful time.


  1. I love the comparison of your vacations! When Lucy goes to her “second mommy,” aka as the dog sitter, she sleeps in her bed, watches tv on her couch and has a grand time with her “step-brothers!” I actually think she’s a little depressed when she comes come to her first mommy!

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