Tess on bed 2From the tip of her pointed nose to her fluffy tail, Tess’ long white coat is immaculately groomed. Not only on Sundays and holidays, but every day. She bunches up her blanket into a pillow when she reposes on her human’s bed. She bats at her owner’s foot to remind him that she’s hungry. Then she snuggles up in her favorite chair (Or is it her throne?)  and survey her kingdom. Yes. Tess loves her creature comforts.

One day, the people who share Tess’ house thought that, maybe, Tess would like to meet some other collies.  They found a group of collie owners who got together to go on walks.

Tess likes walks. And she played with the other collies.

Even better than playing, when the walk was over, one of the collie “moms” invited everyone to her house for a picnic.

There were hamburgers, hotdogs, and all kinds of goodies on the table. There were treats for the collies too.

Tess on chairDog treats? Those were not on Tess’ list of favorites. So she decided to check out what the humans were having.

Next to the picnic table was a cooler.  It was just the right size for Tess to jump up and investigate the goodies. Within Tess’s nose were a salad and a bowl of green goddess dressing. Tess had never tasted green goddess dressing. And just as she was about to swipe it, she was caught – red pawed.

“Sorry, Tess,” her human said. “That’s not for you.”

But everyone agreed: Tess had impeccable taste.

Creamy Green Goddess Dressing  – Makes 2 cups

From the Better Homes & Gardens Vegetable Cook Book

Blend 1 cup mayonnaise with ½ cup dairy sour cream.

Stir in:

1/3 cup snipped parsley

3 tablespoons finely snipped chives

3 tablespoons anchovy paste

3 tablespoons tarragon vinegar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Dash freshly ground pepper

Chill thoroughly.

Tess close up Serve over a salad of torn romaine,

curly endive, artichoke hearts,pitted olives,

anchovy fillets, and tomatoes cut in wedges.

Tess approves this recipe.


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