April showers bring May flowers.

When stars huddle, the earth will puddle.

Mares’ tails and mackerel scales make tall ships take in their sails.

 Weather sayings can be wild.  Almost as wild as the month of March. So after the   February ground-hog gives us his two cents, we wonder about March. Will it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb?

Some say March came in like a lamb – kinda. It didn’t rain, sleet or snow. But there weren’t any daffodils or robins in sight either.

I would say that March 2013 came in like a Bedlington terrier. (It’s a dog blog, that’s why.)

Bedlington 3 Bedlingtons are soft and wooly. But you can easily tell a Bedlington from a sheep by its bark and not its baa.

I discovered the breed as a child, when I was shown a litter of pups at a state fair. Always being dog crazy I begged for  one. My mom said no. Probably because she didn’t want a dog. But her excuse was, “That’s not a dog, it’s a sheep.”

Although Bedlington look like lambs, they have the hearts of lions. They hail from northern England, where they were trained to hunt foxes and weasels. Some have ended up on the wrong side of the paw as shady accomplices to poachers. When it comes to loyalty, be assured —  everywhere that Mary goes her fleecy buddy is sure to follow.

.March lion mastif

March is a month of balances. It runs warm and cold. And on the other end of March is the Tibetan mastiff –about six   times the size of a Bedlington. Tibetan mastiffs can weigh as much as 143 pounds and guard family and flock. Their deep voices can sound like a lion and, when duded up, they can look lion-like too.

But when it comes to sporting a lion cut with mane and sleek back end, nobody out does a Portuguese water dog, or Portie for short. In Portugal, Porties retrieve fish that actually thought they had made their big escape from the nets.  Their webbed feet (Porties, not fish) make paddling easy and  thick, waterproof coats keep them comfy in the water while chasing those frisky fish. Today’s most famous Portie is probably the first dog, Bo. Bo has been known to sport a lion cut as modeled by Moose in the picture.

Moose 5 bowing

moose in snowAnd, Moose, by the way, loves to frolic in the snow. So whatever March brings, it’s no problem for him

So while we are getting out our pastels and looking for robins, beware: March isn’t over yet. There may still be a few Tibetan mastiff type days ahead. And March could go out like a lion coifed Portie.

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  1. I love the picture of the Tibetan Mastiff, but 143 pounds is a bit much for us. It would take up the whole house. I also love Bo. He seems like such a cool dog. I can’t wait for the lamb, I mean Bedlington, to show up.

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