Haute Dogs

It was Fashion Week in New York City. Designers from around the world showed off what they hoped would be the latest trends. Not to be outdone, we asked a few models to show off their favorite coats. Our haute dogs relished the opportunity to prance down the, ‘er, catwalk.

Toby scan crop

Toby is the ever dapper Bostonian as he gets ready to step out in red and black plaid. Ice? Sleet? Snow? Whatever the forecast, Toby is always in his element.

Scan_Pic000Beetha croped

Bertha is a xoloitzcuintli. That’s Mexican hairless for long.  What Bertha lacks in hair, she makes up with a wardrobe of trendy coats. Today she chose faux cheetah. And she looks Grrrrr-reat!

Tess cropped

Tess keeps her classic Lassie looks under wraps to protect them in wind, rain, or snow. Little red riding hood? Wolf whistles are sure to come Tess’ way.

dakota cropped

Dakota, wearing an identical all weather coat, proves that good things come in twos. And why not? Dakota and Tess are BFFs — Best Friends Fur-ever.

Rayne cropped

Rayne gets plenty of attention in and out of the show ring. Whether fighting winter weather or lounging with a favorite bone, this vizsla’s blue coat is something to bark about.

brummel cropped

Brummel loves sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time, while waiting to go ice fishing. He’s one hot dog that cuts the mustard with his form-fitting wind breaker.

P shk coat crp

A runway run-away, Penelope makes a statement with orange faux fur. Being a sporting dog, she prefers sporting her original fur coat.

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  1. My, these are “model” dogs who co-operate beautifully. The AKC needs to add this competition in a special category. Why “Dancing with Dogs” could be another winner—just as your Dog Blog is!

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