dog tongueMitzi had the wiry coat of a terrier, the tail of a retriever, and the heart of a hound. When something interested her, she didn’t bark. She tilted her head and wailed for all to hear.

At Rover Reform, Mitzi enjoyed learning. And she enjoyed being rewarded even more. It didn’t matter if the reward was playing with a tug, a scratch behind her ears, or a freeze-dried liver snap. Everything made Mitzi happy — so happy she’d kiss the teacher’s hand.

One day, the treats were extra special. Lots of pats and play tugging. And the teacher hadn’t finished her morning croissant, so she gave Mitzi that too. Mitzi’s tail thumped as she scarfed croissant flakes from the floor. Then she pounced on the teacher and gave her a big sloppy kiss on the face.

“Thank you,” the teacher smiled, giving her a pat.

Everyone laughed, except Mitzi’s owner.  He gulped and whispered to me, “That’s not such a good idea. Mitzi eats her own poop.”

The class ended and I was trying to get that last image of Mitzi out of my head, when in came her owner’s wife and Pepe, a little French bulldog.

I patted Pepe and asked, “Is this Mitzi’s little friend?”

“Yes,” the woman replied. “Mitzi loves Pepe. Even though Pepe is older, she thinks he’s her puppy. She likes to clean him all over. His ears… His butt …”

Mitzi’s tailed swept from side to side when she saw Pepe, and bounded out the door. But not before — Slurp.

Oh, no. I was Mitzi kissed.


  1. Lin-LOL. That is a fairly common problem. Usually indicates there is something missing from their diet when they eat poop. Easy enough to google. I have always been a “kiss on the mouth” kind of girl from the time I was very little. I always got scolded from my mom but it never stopped me. Just can’t resist an adorable wet nose!

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